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and the WORLD Famous


Over 50,000 Cars and 1.5 Million people

Come with Fletch to where it all began, the birthplace of the automobile.

The Motor City "DETROIT"

On this 10 day tour, Fletch will take you to The Ford Piquette building, where the T-model was 

built. The Henry Ford Museum which includes a tour of the assembly line for the "F truck series"

 and Greenfield Village.

The Hudson Museum, PRIVATE Collections which are Exclusive to Fletch Tours only, The Gilmore

museum and the World Famous "WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE". And, Fletch will also take you to 

visit his friends at "AMERICAN JEWELRY AND LOAN" or "Hard Core Pawn" as we know it on T.V. 

and there's so much MORE you'll see on this tour !!

 Dates TBA

 August ~ August.

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